• Jawaf Yoga Dance (JYD) is a Mind and Body company which covers dance, yoga, aerial yoga, pilates and dance. The company is based in London and also works internationally

  • we deliver group sessions, workshops, retreats and one to one sessions

  • The company has been founded in London since 2006 by  Joanna Puchala, Polish contemporary dancer, pilates and yoga instructor

  • Joanna has over fifteen years of yoga and pilates experience. She fuses Contemporary Dance with Vinyasa Flow and Pilates. She marges aerial yoga and dance to decompress the spine and release tension

  • As a professional yoga therapist, Joanna incorporates breathing techniques and meditation

  • Her approach helps to release mental and physical tension through moving meditation

  • The structure of her classes gradually builds up with dynamic changes

  • Classes are open to the general public and anyone who wishes to benefit from pilates, yoga, aerial yoga and dance practice