Private Tuition:


1 hr @ £80
Vinyasa Flow – dynamic yoga with breathing and meditation elements. Makes you feel energised, balanced and relaxed. Increases the body strength and flexibility, quietens the mind and relaxes the nervous system.

Yoga Therapy

1hr 30 min @ 120£

Yoga thearapy – helps to mobilise the body and quite the mind. Working with some physical abilities to increase the well being with a special impact on mental health. Yoga practice in conjunction with breathing, meditation, psychotherapy and neuroscience. 

1 hr @ £80
Pilates – body conditioning to improve the core strength and prevent from injuries. Innovative approach to the alternative body/mind thearapy. Hands on practice to set up the appropriate body’s aliment. 
1hr @ 100£
Aerial Yoga – draws from the alignment and techniques of yoga, using a low hanging, wide Aerial Sling to aid in moving through traditional yoga postures.
Aerial Yoga Dance – fusion of contemporary dance and aerial yoga. Flow movement with the use of the hummock and floor.
Pole dance fitness – combines dance and acrobatics centred on a vertical pole.
*The prices are depending on the location and transport of the equipment.
One on one discounts available for block of 5 and 10 classes – 20% off
Group sessions:
1 h @ 15£ min 6 people
Pole/Dance/Aerial Yoga Classes 
1 h @ 20£ min 6 people
*The prices are depending on the studio’s hire rate.
Yoga:Dynamic yoga/ Vinyasa/Ashtanga/Aerial yoga
Pilates: Mat work
Dance: Contemporary/ Pole Dance Fitness
Opened to all levels.