“I wait until every Friday evening to have with Joanna 1.5hour yoga class to make my weekend relaxed and in peace” Alex (Greenwich)

“I’ve never found such an aerial yoga teacher as Joanna who helps me to work with my body in a very controlled and productive way. I can strengthen and stretch effortlessly. At the end of the session, the meditation is remarkable. She can easily hypnotise me with her calm and safe voice” Valeria (Mayfair)

“Joanna’s yoga classes flow so smoothly that I can hardly realise the time when I find myself in a corp’s resting position for the final meditation. Her voice is what makes her sessions so unique and different from anybody else” Barbara (Tower Bridge)

” Joanna as a trained contemporary dancer provides with such a unique Pilates approach that the sessions with her run very quickly. I love the flow and logics in her sequences to make me feel painless and mindful. She also incorporates some yoga to open the body and quite the mind” Paolo (Broadgate)

“I used to train in the contemporary dance with many instructors but never with someone like Joanna. She makes me fly and move effortlessly while dancing. Her sequences are built in a very organic way that I can follow easily and progress quickly” Verônica (Aldersgate)